Features You will Enjoy

Private Biometric Email Environment

End to End biometric authentication prevents unauthorized access and forwarding of confidential and proprietary information. The biometrically secured environment blocks all unauthorized third party communications and eliminates the current state of email anonymity.


IBSS technology is patented worldwide and offers exclusive email security benefits not found in conventional email systems.

Document Content Risk Assessment with Biometric Signature

Patent Pending. Add your biometric signature to your document attachments with real time Document Content Risk Assessment (DCRA). Enjoy the peace of mind by certifying the integrity of your business documents. DCRA automatically verifies attached document content accuracy and improvework productivity.

Human Voice Identity Technology for Email

Biometric technology provides voice recognition for biometric identity management to ensure only you have access to your email account.

Human Face Identity Technology for Email

IBSS implements the most universally known form of biometric technology known to man. Establishing A person.s unique identity by their face. An identification concept recognized and understood by everyone.


IBSS's patent pending biometric password/username reset offers a no hassle solution to this time consuming and often painful process. Account recovery no longer requires cumbersome embedded links sent to inactive email accounts. Simply look into your devices digital camera, select capture and you're done!


IBSSMail is committed to bringing you the most advanced email technology in the market. Coming soon, patent pending advancements in email printing, email conferencing, and multimedia communication security advancements that will improve and expand your email communication privacy experience.

Legal Verification of Personal Information

IBSS provides real-time, legal identification for all subscribers. Each profile is prescreened for veracity ensuring the highest level of digital account security and authenticity.

Mobile Biometrically Secure Email Communications

Coming Soon