Premium Customer Support is offered for $2.99 per year. IBSSMail uses advanced multimedia platforms for facial image capture and voice capture over the internet which may require additional support over traditional web service offerings.

Technical adjustments may be required on your computer camera and microphone. Premium support service offers a faster response time to your questions and technical issues.

Benefits included the following:

Case Severity 1 Case Severity 2 Case Severity 3
Issues response time 2 hours or less Issues 8 Hour response time Issues 2 days
66% faster than standard support 66% faster than standard support 71.5% faster than standard support
Direct Access to Emergency Hotline.    
Not available on standard support    

Work Around Interim Solution
48 hours 1 week, compared to 2 weeks for standard support
Compared to standard support 5 working days, excluding weekends


For more information go to Support on the IBSSMail menu toolbar and download our IBSSMail Customer Support Manual for additional details.

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