biometric email security services

Security System Using Biometric Technology

IBSSMail is an email service provided by Internet Biometric Security Systems, Inc. IBSS is the premier, world-wide leader in advanced digital biometric identification. Our solution may be utilized by all internet capable devices for online applications where security is of the up-most concern.

Traditional username and passwords are no longer a viable security solution. This current technology jeopardizes the integrity of confidential email communications between both the sender and recipient. IBSSMail offers viable state of the art digital biometric security that dramatically improves email communication privacy.

advanced email security services

Advanced Email Privacy & Security

Utilizing advanced multifactor biometric authentication, IBSSMail offers a superior, highly restricted email communications environment. Our patented, real-time legal verification coupled with our biometric technology provides a safe and secure email system. Emails being sent through IBSSMail will remain private by allowing the document to only be viewed by the intended party or recipient.

biometric email privacy services

End to End Communications Privacy

Utilizing the IBSSMail email communications environment, all information is date and time stamped with the unique biometric signature of the sender. In order for the intended recipient to view the biometrically processed email, they too must be biometrically authenticated.

The IBSSMail process provides a uniquely secure end to end communication environment. This innovative system provides the highest standard in email communication security and privacy. Further, the IBSSMail system eliminates traditional email anonymity and unauthorized access by unintended parties. Your IBSSMail communications may only be viewed by biometrically secured recipients.